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New Build Snagging Finedon, northamptonshire

New Build Snagging Survey Finedon

At Sure Snag 360, we specialise in New Build Snagging Survey in Finedon delivering meticulous inspections across Northamptonshire, to ensure your new home meets the required standards. Our comprehensive New Build Snagging Surveys provide detailed reports for your builder, enabling correction of defects before you move in. With over 30 years of experience in the building industry, constructing new homes and managing builds to NHBC standards at a senior level, our expertise is unmatched. By choosing us, you access the best level of service, as we excel in spotting hidden defects and snags that might be overlooked. Our commitment to thoroughness, precision, and your satisfaction underscores every New Build Snagging Inspection. Get in touch to inquire about our New Build Snagging Survey prices or to book your snagging survey with our New Build Snagging Survey Experts today.

New Build Snagging Survey Northamptonshire

A New Build Snagging Survey¬†is a crucial step once you’ve completed your new home purchase. It can be carried out within two years post-completion. However, we strongly advise conducting New Build Snagging Survey¬†Finedon¬†as soon as you receive your keys and before moving in. Your builder will request a Home Buyers Survey upon your move-in and will aim for a positive survey result. Builder ratings often depend on these surveys (e.g., 5* Builder).

A Post-Completion New Build Snagging Inspection is a much more in-depth process than a PCI Inspection. We, as independent New Build Snagging Survey¬†Finedon¬†specialists, possess expertise in both building regulations and home building standards. We diligently search for defects and potential issues in your new home that might escape the homeowner’s notice.

Snags encompass various issues such as cosmetic imperfections, damages, improper fittings, or unfinished appearances. Nevertheless, with our professional insight, we can identify snags that may indicate more serious underlying problems, requiring significant attention from your builder. Many issues remain invisible to the naked eye and necessitate specialized equipment like thermal imaging cameras. Our comprehensive report presents our findings.

For a nominal additional fee, we offer a re-inspection service to ensure the correction of identified snags and prevent further damage post-repair. If you’re considering this service, it’s advisable to schedule it before your two-year developer’s warranty expires. If you’re in¬†Finedon¬†and require a detailed New Build Snagging Survey, our inspection services guarantee a thorough assessment of your new home’s condition.

Pre-Completion New Build Snagging Survey Northamptonshire

Pre-Completion Inspections, also known as PCI Inspections, are a crucial part of the home buying process. A new build snagging survey is carried out on new-build houses before the developer officially hands them over to the buyer.

The purpose of a PCI new build snagging survey is to identify any defects or issue in the property that need to be rectified before final handover. This could include anything from cosmetic issues, such as paint touch-ups, to more significant structural defects.

All PCI Inspections must follow the NHQB checklist which outlines the specific items that can be checked during this pre-completion stage. While this limits the scope of our new build snagging survey Finedon, we still provide a thorough assessment of your property to ensure that everything is in compliance with the checklist requirements. Please note, due to rules laid out by the NHQB, we are unable to include thermal imaging as part of the inspection.

It is recommended that PCI new build snagging survey¬†Finedon¬†inspections are carried out by an independent inspector, rather than the developer or builder, to ensure that any issues are identified objectively, without any potential bias towards the builders’ interests.

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